About Me


Hiya, my name is Salma, yes as in the actress, and I am a self-taught part-time baker come domestic goddess.

“domestic goddess (n.) – A female who excels at baking, cooking, cleaning-housework of all sorts (Urban Dictionary)”

Most of the time that’s two out of three, which I guess isn’t bad going. I work full-time as a secondary school teacher so any baking that I do has to be crammed in between the entertaining (teaching), marking, report writing and generally trying to have a life. I do tend to make things difficult for myself by having too many fingers in far too many different pies… no pun intended… I promise… in any particular given time, e.g. hobby wise. I guess that I do like to keep myself busy?

Luckily, it’s just me and my ginger ninja, Charlie (my cat), which means I can do what I want, when I want… just as long as Charlie gets fed and cuddled! The definition continues:

“…She loves to please and enjoys hearing compliments about her awesomeness around the house/kitchen. She may sew, knit, have domestic hobbies that come out well. She doesn’t have to have children to be considered a domestic goddess.”

It’s not really the calm before the storm for me when I bake, as I am a bit of a chaotic baker in my humble abode, but strangely enough, I do find it therapeutic and relaxing. I do aim to please and love seeing happy faces of all ages. And, as much as I’d like to, I know that I can never make everyone happy as there are far too many people to feed cake and far too little time to bake… not forgetting the shrinking bank balance. I do however quite enjoy the chase, “Miss Meah, where’s my cake?” a bit like the pied piper, but of cake!

The aim of this blog by any means is not the ‘recipe’ for success (apologies once again), and I do not claim to be a professional. I do however, endeavour in providing encouragement and inspiration through my random ramblings from cake to ukulele! Yes, I do play the ukulele… badly! I believe that everyone should have the confidence to bake and not to worry about aesthetics, as that comes with practice… lots and LOTS of practise!

Have your cake and eat it!!