Keep Calm and Eat Carrot Cake whilst you Ukulele

What is this ukulele that you keep hearing me bang on about? Well, it’s not just a ukulele, its part of a bigger picture… of a ukulele group that I have joined after having finishing my recent studies. Having previously dabbled in a bit of the old geeetar (deliberate typo) and being new to the area, the ukulele was also an excuse to meet like-minded people and have a bit of a bash… I mean how hard could it be?

Keep Calm

One of your Five a Day

Albeit, I get ribbed by Norman for playing the ‘C’ chord when I get tired, the group is lovely and I get a whole heap of lovin’ from them. I might not be able to sing or play, I go there to laugh and cry. The guys definitely know how to make you smile, even when smiling is the last thing that you may feel like doing on that particular day. So as my way of thanks for letting me join such an exclusive club, I decided to make them my version of the ‘world’s best carrot cake’ that went down so well at work a couple of weeks ago that some people still don’t know that I had baked it… until now that is!

Crrot Cake

World’s Best Carrot Cake

The cake was mainly thanks and well wishes to Keith for his knee operation and hope that he has a speedy recovery. You may find that you have to sell a couple of your bikes ha ha If it hadn’t been for him showing me the ropes, I probably would still be umming and arrring about starting a blog or a green/blue generic one of that? So thanks Keith, and who knows, be nice to me and I may jazz up your blog for you at some point, but there’s a queue forming! 🙂

Time for me to wrap up here, but can’t leave without showing off my lovely hand-painted ukulele by Brenda at the (US).

Hand Painted

I just love cherry blossoms

She has become a good friend and a listening ear. Sadly, since writing this post, I no longer attend and I am looking for another group.

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Eat Carrot Cake whilst you Ukulele

  1. Ted Nicholls

    just to say, it was one of the nicest Carrot cakes I have ever eaten 2 pieces of!!
    Very carroty and very cakey!!
    Almost as nice as mine! And if I ever get my oven fixed I will prove it!
    Very hard to play Uke and sing with a mouthful of Meah’s cake though!!

    1. SalmaTalks

      Now, that is one heck of a claim? I would most definitely like to see and try that! Put your money where your mouth is MISTER and BRING IT ON! xx


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