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ta daa

Tottenham Hotspurs Football Shirt Cake

Never thought I’d be writing up a blog about this one! Being a Gooner (Arsenal FC fan), I was more than a bit hesitant when I was first asked to make a Spurs (Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club) cake for my good friend, Lenin. For starters, I can’t believe he’s 40 now! What am I saying, I’m not too far behind! Eeek! University days seem like a figment of our younger self… 19 years, who would have thought?  Probably, the only reason I accepted… only kidding Lenin, I am a secret Spurs fan! here’s my ta daa!

ta daa

Spurs shirt cake ta daa

BUT, OMG… this cake was jinxed from the word go, maybe I shouldn’t have let thoughts of dyeing the cake red inside enter my head, hmmmm?

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When Life Gives you Lemons… Make Lemon Drizzle Cake!

I’m really not good at this, am I… or maybe I just need to ease up? I’m just crazy busy lately. Anyhow, better late than never, right?

My latest creation was a hidden surprise cake for a double quiz birthday last month, Megan (from the girl team) and Jules (from the boy team). As always, even the simplest of cakes doesn’t go swimmingly to plan.

oh balls

oh balls!

Yes, the balls are somewhat mis-shaped and I managed to off-load them to my Form Group. However, the second batch wasn’t much better and ended up being too big. I needed to trim down my balls

fnaar fnaar

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Not quite Halal ‘Pigs in Mud’ Cake

It’s been almost two years since I planned to make this cake for my best friend Kathy Thompson. Years can pass, but there will still be raucous laughter…. mainly about my dating mishaps! I guess that’s what best friends are there for? So, why so long? I was finishing off my studies and she was clearly busy making babies ha ha. Even that has taken longer than expected to go and see the new sprog, as either I was ill or the baby was, but we got there eventually.


My friend is obsessed about pigs, and I mean obsessed!!! So it was a no brainer to do the ‘pigs in mud’ cake. I decided to take advantage and add a bit of a twist on the popular facebook version by adding a nappy on the swimming pig. To my surprise, the cake didn’t take that long to make, just the waiting in-between for the ganache to set was a bit of a pain. More so, I wasn’t crazily stressed out as I am usually when doing cakes. Perhaps as it’s not fondant covered this time?

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Dave the Minion Cake – The Trooper

Albeit, hardly a day passes where I get ribbed about my choice of vocation, teaching *snigger*, just a part-time job, the summer holidays is supposed to be my only time for solace, right… not me! I’m just too stressed out all the time to focus, soooo much to do. So, why so serious? One word, perfection, OCD whatever you want to call it. People don’t realise how much of a slow-burner it can be. It can pretty much consume you, but believe me, I am working on it.


I can’t see!

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Keep Calm and Eat Carrot Cake whilst you Ukulele

What is this ukulele that you keep hearing me bang on about? Well, it’s not just a ukulele, its part of a bigger picture… of a ukulele group that I have joined after having finishing my recent studies. Having previously dabbled in a bit of the old geeetar (deliberate typo) and being new to the area, the ukulele was also an excuse to meet like-minded people and have a bit of a bash… I mean how hard could it be?

Keep Calm

One of your Five a Day

Albeit, I get ribbed by Norman for playing the ‘C’ chord when I get tired, the group is lovely and I get a whole heap of lovin’ from them. I might not be able to sing or play, I go there to laugh and cry. The guys definitely know how to make you smile, even when smiling is the last thing that you may feel like doing on that particular day. So as my way of thanks for letting me join such an exclusive club, I decided to make them my version of the ‘world’s best carrot cake’ that went down so well at work a couple of weeks ago that some people still don’t know that I had baked it… until now that is!

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