Dave the Minion Cake – The Trooper

Albeit, hardly a day passes where I get ribbed about my choice of vocation, teaching *snigger*, just a part-time job, the summer holidays is supposed to be my only time for solace, right… not me! I’m just too stressed out all the time to focus, soooo much to do. So, why so serious? One word, perfection, OCD whatever you want to call it. People don’t realise how much of a slow-burner it can be. It can pretty much consume you, but believe me, I am working on it.


I can’t see!

Teaching, no such thing as end-of-term-wind-down… too busy to bake, who would have thought? I haven’t been feeling to great either due to some messed up medication that I had been prescribed for migraines. Annie-who, I know it’s been a while since I have embarked on any baked projects, so I thought I would come back with a biggy. I had been planning this one since about February for a friend’s 30th birthday. However, being the perfectionist that I am, I wouldn’t say that this is my finest creation. So a very deflated ta da!

Minion Cake

Dave the Minion through the wars!

In fact, in my humble opinion, I hate it! Dave the minion was jinxed from the word go. At one point before I started dressing him, I was ready to bin the whole lot and go for the cupcake option. Surely a lot less stress? Despite all this, the look on my friend’s face when I walked in with the cake was priceless! She loved him and didn’t want to give him a much needed lobotomy! ha ha It was pub quiz night at our local, so I was more nervous walking in with my wounded minion… but due to his size, there was definitely no hiding! Everybody loved him and the compliments kept coming in. Dave the minion won the taste test:

“some cakes look amazing, but taste rubbish… yours is fantastic in both respect!”


Minion decapitation!

On the technical front, I tried to follow the excellent tutorial from Lesley Wright at The Royal Bakery. For the actual cake, I did veer away slightly from my regular recipe in order to support the sheer weight of the cake. I also attempted ganaching the cake before rolled fondant instead of regular buttercream. Aaaaggghh it is not easier to work with! Like I said, I hated this project from the outset. Only because, I could only see flaws and it doesn’t have that professional edge as my other cakes do. Everyone might like the minions, but I am officially miniONed out! Not, to worry all was not lost… I sincerely appreciate everybody’s kind words and the ‘The Bird Brains’ (quiz name) didn’t come last! Due to the size of our team, we couldn’t form our usual alliance with the boy team, ‘Al Bondigas’… don’t ask!

“Everyone got cake, then all is well!”

No more

The aftermarth!

One a final note, now that The Great British Bake Off is back, I am going to lay off the cake for a bit and focus on some other bakes.

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