When Life Gives you Lemons… Make Lemon Drizzle Cake!

I’m really not good at this, am I… or maybe I just need to ease up? I’m just crazy busy lately. Anyhow, better late than never, right?

My latest creation was a hidden surprise cake for a double quiz birthday last month, Megan (from the girl team) and Jules (from the boy team). As always, even the simplest of cakes doesn’t go swimmingly to plan.

oh balls

oh balls!

Yes, the balls are somewhat mis-shaped and I managed to off-load them to my Form Group. However, the second batch wasn’t much better and ended up being too big. I needed to trim down my balls

fnaar fnaar

When life gives you lemons, make lemon drizzle cake… right? So after trimming and pruning my balls (easy), the cakes were finally in the oven.

Not my best, as the cake ended up being pretty lop-sided, so no ta-da. I honestly need to work on my leaning cakes! Regardless, it didn’t look too bad after a bit of ‘sprinkley’ magic! Sprinkles always makes things better!

The cake itself tasted good… very lemoney and I was able to try out the new flavours from Foodie Flavours that I got from this year’s Cake and Bake Show. Yummy! Not at all artificial, and I can’t wait to try out the Candy Floss.

Finally the cheeky request for next cake was kindly deflected, “Happlily, only if it’s a paid commission!” … thought as much… first one, maybe free to promote my wares, but cakes don’t grow on trees, you know?

So much for other bakes… mice pies to follow!

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