My ‘Amazing’ Spider-Man Cake!!

So here we are, after a lot of blood sweat and tears… my attempt at the ‘Amazing’ Spider-Man cake! Not quite May the Fourth be with You! Still… here’s my ta da moment!

amazing spiderman cake

Spider-Man does whatever a spider can!

My friends would kill me if I said anything else as I am forever self-critical, but anyway, I am desperately trying not to be. I think I have done ok? Even, my dad is trying to plug me. As until now I have always kept my ‘super powers’ under wraps! I shouldn’t be too hard on myself as with my MA graduation last week and other personal circumstances, I think that I deserve more than a pat on the back, don’t you think? So, I guess that I had better post something, because, after all, this is the pre-launch for and people have been bugging me for weeks! *blush*

I don’t know what possessed me, but I had my heart set on doing a spiderman cake for my nephew since last year. However, I was deeply engrossed in my master’s studies and I hardly had time to feed myself, let alone cake for others. So this year, I seized the opportunity before he grew out of spiderman. To be honest, I just had a friend who is soon to turn 28 and had heard about said cake and then ask for a 10ft spiderman cake for his next birthday. So I assumed wrong?? Oh, I found the tutorial by googling, but having difficulty adding the link.

Well, like I said, with everything that’s been going on and the pressure, it wasn’t easy and anyone who knows me properly knows that I was in tears with the ‘elephant‘ skin effect…. discussion for another day. Anything and everything went wrong with this cake, and I was ready to give up at one point! Give me a shark any day (see gallery when working)!

wonky windows

oh well… let them kill me for pointing out the flaws!!

Windows are wonky, normally I would do all-nighters to achieve perfection, but I just couldn’t fight it! …BUT, it was all worth it seeing my nephew’s face when I came out singing happy birthday… badly… just a good job I wasn’t balancing the ukulele at the same time! Two more cakes this week and more work on the blog… it’s a tough old world being a perfectionist… or you can die trying!

4 thoughts on “My ‘Amazing’ Spider-Man Cake!!

    1. SalmaTalks

      Thank you, still a long way to go. The sit wouldn’t be here without your help! Plenty more cake to come I’m sure! Get well soon! X


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