Not quite Halal ‘Pigs in Mud’ Cake

It’s been almost two years since I planned to make this cake for my best friend Kathy Thompson. Years can pass, but there will still be raucous laughter…. mainly about my dating mishaps! I guess that’s what best friends are there for? So, why so long? I was finishing off my studies and she was clearly busy making babies ha ha. Even that has taken longer than expected to go and see the new sprog, as either I was ill or the baby was, but we got there eventually.


My friend is obsessed about pigs, and I mean obsessed!!! So it was a no brainer to do the ‘pigs in mud’ cake. I decided to take advantage and add a bit of a twist on the popular facebook version by adding a nappy on the swimming pig. To my surprise, the cake didn’t take that long to make, just the waiting in-between for the ganache to set was a bit of a pain. More so, I wasn’t crazily stressed out as I am usually when doing cakes. Perhaps as it’s not fondant covered this time?

ta da!

pigs in mud

pigs in mud

I made the piggies the night before. As well as bearing gifts of all things pig, I wanted to also give some sort of keepsake for the baby. I had seen something on a popular handmade website, but was heavily overpriced… for just a piece of paper. So true to my colours, I thought, “I can soo do that, and better!” So I also painted up a canvas… but disaster havocked as I now need new carpet in my lounge! Aaaaagggghhh! To cut a long story… had a little accident with the purple acrylic! Eeeek! Nonetheless, I’m happy with the end result and as Kathy put it, “you’ll never forget”.

*Yes… need to dedicate time to formatting issues*

As most of my friends know, I don’t usually eat my wares. I don’t know why, but I’m guessing that I don’t have faith or I know what’s gone into them? Sometimes, I just want to just get rid of it after all the stress that I’ve put in. People don’t seem to understand how much effort goes into cakes, even if I say this one is relatively straight forward. They seem to also think that they’re free! no no no, you have to be pretty special to get one of my cakes. You can’t just turn up on Friday afternoon and say, “Can you make me a cake for Monday!” You know who you are! Pay for it and then maybe I would have considered it? I am however getting much better at saying no.

Truly enjoyed making this one, even if I ended up being covered in baby puke by the end of the night! It was received very well and it was most definitely death by chocolate! Best chocolate cake recipe ever!

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