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Tottenham Hotspurs Football Shirt Cake

Never thought I’d be writing up a blog about this one! Being a Gooner (Arsenal FC fan), I was more than a bit hesitant when I was first asked to make a Spurs (Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club) cake for my good friend, Lenin. For starters, I can’t believe he’s 40 now! What am I saying, I’m not too far behind! Eeek! University days seem like a figment of our younger self… 19 years, who would have thought?  Probably, the only reason I accepted… only kidding Lenin, I am a secret Spurs fan! here’s my ta daa!

ta daa

Spurs shirt cake ta daa

BUT, OMG… this cake was jinxed from the word go, maybe I shouldn’t have let thoughts of dyeing the cake red inside enter my head, hmmmm?

To start with, I invested in a new tin… oooh cake porn! Introducing… the Silverwood – Multisize tin:

Silverwood multisize

Cake porn

However, I’m not sure if the tin was the problem or something else. Same recipe, but just didn’t come out right. First cake was burnt, but my fault as I accidentally set temperature to 200°C instead of 160°C. I never do this! Second sank and was underdone, third, I thought was overdone, but was actually fine. Regardless, I was paranoid until cutting on the night!

Spurs shirt cake

Spurs football shirt cake

Decorating was crazy, the cake was massive and I realised that I had too many corners to deal with. All good after a few patches under the armpits. Then the stripes… what happened to the plain white shirt, why do spurs keep changing their shirt… perhaps, just perhaps to make up for the fact that they’re crap? Next challenge was cutting out the ‘cock’ (the team badge) yessss, definitely a  *fnaar fnaar* moment, but I’m guessing this joke is lost in translation?

If I had to do this cake again, I would change the sleeves on the template:

Shirt template

Football shirt template

Never say never, after many painstaking hours of cutting stripes and cocks, I was ready to party! Feedback and comments on the night made everything okay and I was happy again! Double-takes included:

“You made that, I thought it was professionally ordered in??” and “Good job on the cake!”

That definitely made my day! All in all, it was also a fantastic night of dancing, laughter and catching up with my friends…. nineteen years!

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