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Not quite Halal ‘Pigs in Mud’ Cake

It’s been almost two years since I planned to make this cake for my best friend Kathy Thompson. Years can pass, but there will still be raucous laughter…. mainly about my dating mishaps! I guess that’s what best friends are there for? So, why so long? I was finishing off my studies and she was clearly busy making babies ha ha. Even that has taken longer than expected to go and see the new sprog, as either I was ill or the baby was, but we got there eventually.


My friend is obsessed about pigs, and I mean obsessed!!! So it was a no brainer to do the ‘pigs in mud’ cake. I decided to take advantage and add a bit of a twist on the popular facebook version by adding a nappy on the swimming pig. To my surprise, the cake didn’t take that long to make, just the waiting in-between for the ganache to set was a bit of a pain. More so, I wasn’t crazily stressed out as I am usually when doing cakes. Perhaps as it’s not fondant covered this time?

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