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ta daa

Tottenham Hotspurs Football Shirt Cake

Never thought I’d be writing up a blog about this one! Being a Gooner (Arsenal FC fan), I was more than a bit hesitant when I was first asked to make a Spurs (Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club) cake for my good friend, Lenin. For starters, I can’t believe he’s 40 now! What am I saying, I’m not too far behind! Eeek! University days seem like a figment of our younger self… 19 years, who would have thought?  Probably, the only reason I accepted… only kidding Lenin, I am a secret Spurs fan! here’s my ta daa!

ta daa

Spurs shirt cake ta daa

BUT, OMG… this cake was jinxed from the word go, maybe I shouldn’t have let thoughts of dyeing the cake red inside enter my head, hmmmm?

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